Data Analysis and Probability


State Data Map 
Grade: 3rd to 5th, 6th to 8th, High School
Information can be represented in many ways, and this applet allows the user to represent data about the states using colors. The state with the highest data value is darkest; other states are shaded proportionally. Investigate any of the data provided—or enter data of your own!

Probability Illumination tools
From the NCTM Illuminations
Probability Gizmos
Explore Learning Resources
Use a virtual spinner to do experiments!
Red or Green Ball?
What’s in the mystery box?
KidZone Stats
Use the data tools from the NCES kidzone
Horse Race
Use number cubes to learn about probability!
The Racing Game
Rolling with one number cube!
Real Animal Stats
Use the data to create a bar graph! Get the Stats here!
Finding Averages
Use the data to find the averages!
Creating a graph
Create a graph!
State Probability
Integrate geography with mathematics
What are the Chances?
Find the probability of an event


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