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Math tasks-Love these resources:)MUSEUM MATH RESOURCES FOR THE FAMILY

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Fawn Ngyuen’s Math Puzzles

Answer keys

Fun games-NrichBrain teasers

Math Choice Board  k-5

Math Choice Board 6-8

  • These resources were collected by Dr. Cathery Yeh (Thanks)

Math Resources for Families and Caretakers

  1. Math Games from the Mathematics Education Collaborative that promote mathematical reasoning and fluency
  2. Math Resources with books, online games, and printable games from Lesley University 
  3. Desmos Math Art Competition: These projects involve using various equations and inequalities in their free Graphing Calculator to create some pretty impressive pictures.
  4. DREME offers a list of books that can be used to share math ideas with kids, along with reading guides, arranged by math topics 
  5. K-5 quality home math activities from Citizens of the World Los Angeles that include activities that are not digital
  6. Young Mathematical Story Author Competition: Annual international competition set up to encourage young mathematics learners (8-15 years old) to create their own mathematical story picture book.  
  7. MoMath Communication Competition for high school students: Why do you love math? 
  8. NCTM Figure This: Math Challenges for Families” weekly family activities 
  9. YouCubed Parent Resources: Articles on mathematics learning for caretakers/parents
  10. Visual Flashcards: Free math flashcards with a problem on the front and a similar problem on the back (instead of a problem and answer) to encourage relational thinking rather than answer getting. 
  11. California Math Council Math at Home Parent Guides: 
    1. K12 Math at Home English
    2. K12 Math at Home Spanish
    3.  PreK Math at Home English
    4. PreK Math at Home Spanish
Interactive games-Freudenthal
Have fun doing math with your family
Model Eliciting Activities
Problem Solving using themes (TeAchnology)
Real Life Problem Solving
short video clips and problems
Illuminations game room
Game room
Logic puzzles
Game room
Problem of the week (Math Forum)
Brain teasers for you!
Problem of the week (Edu place)
Brain teasers for you!
Problem archived for middle schoolers
Brain teasers for you!
For some math problem websites:  (for middle school)
Activities-MiddleSchool problemsMath games this!
Have fun doing math with your family

other fun sites
 Cool math for kids
 Braining camp
Simulations and problems for middle grades

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Interactive Math Dictionary K-8
Interactive Activities K-8 Fawn Ngyuen’s Math Puzzles

Answer keys

Visual Math Dictionary K-6
VM  k-8 Virtual manipulative from Glencoe
Interactive Websites K-12
Math Links K-8 Braining camp
Simulations and problems for middle grades
Activities & Lessons K-12
Math PD K-8 MATH PD 
Math Assessment 3-12
Problems  K-8
Electronic Examples K-12
Number & Operations K-2
Interactive Resources 3-6 
Interactive 7-12
Multiplication Games 3-6

Ideas For Parents: Summer Fun=Math!

Ideas For Parents: Summer Fun=Math!

By Jennifer Suh, Phd

George Mason University jsuh4@gmu.eduHow about rounding up some kids in the neighborhood for a summer carnival game day? These games allow for students to use creativity and number sense. You can even challenge some kids to make a variation for younger and older kids. This summer neighborhood carnival will be sure to engage kids in the 21st century skills: 4Cs- Creativity, Collaboration, Communication and Critical thinking while ensuring they work on number sense over the summer.Ideas for a Neighborhood Summer Math Carnival
*Popcorn Drop Contest. Design a carnival game for Popcorn drop where the players have to guess their average after 4 tries.  Play the game and see how many times you can guess your average! You can talk about sports and averages and the meaning of mean, median and mode.*Crazy Combinations of Clothes! It’s time to get crazy!  In this relay rally, you must run up to the bottoms bag and grab an article of clothing to put on.  Then you run to the tops bag to grab a top and finally to the hat bag for a hat!  In the bottoms bag there is a pair of shorts, a pair of sweat paints, and a pair of bathing suit bottoms.  In the tops bag there is a dress shirt, a t shirt, and a tank top.  In the hat bag there is a baseball cap, a sun hat, a visor, and a tiara.  What are all the combinations of outfits you could grab while playing this game? Do you look silly?*Face Painting! Students have a choice of heart, butterfly, spider web, and lightning bolt.  How many lines of symmetry do you have on your design?*Mind Reader. The game is also called Salute! You need three players. Two players put up a card on their forehead without looking and then, the two players look at one another’s foreheads . Player 3 adds, subtracts, multiply or divides the numbers. Player 3 says, “The sum is ___” , “The difference is ___”., “the product is ___”, “the quotient is___” . The other two players must guess what is on their forehead by using the  other’s card. This helps build facility with math facts.

*Metric Olympics (AIMS) Mini-Metric Olympics
Have a content like the Olympics with metric measurement. This way kids get to play and become better at estimation and  about benchmark measurements.  For other free hands on math and science ideas, check out

math wonders

Do Math Daily with your kids

Math tasks-Love these resources:)
For some math problem websites:  (for middle school)
Activities-MiddleSchool problemsVirtual manipulative from Glencoe this!
Have fun doing math with your family

For Website of math games and activities check out and

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